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MOST ORGANIZATIONS have well-written, well-intentioned culture and values statements. They review them at big meetings and plaster them on the walls in the building. Designed to inform how the brand and the people behave, they're intended to have a positive impact on people, process and profits.


The problem: A staggering majority of them are bullsh!t. But there is a way to reimagine your values, your culture and your brand in a way that inspires tremendous loyalty, builds community and delivers profits. Entrepreneur and award-winning sales leader Devin Halliday can show you how.


  • The Belonging Factor is a system based on five shared characteristics of the greatest brands and most successful leaders.

  • It is designed for CEOs, executives, senior leaders and anyone interested in building an authentic, inspired, diverse culture, centered in a deep sense of belonging.


In this book, Devin Halliday shares stories of brands and leaders who are getting it done, and those that aren't. The simple tools and practical application make the Belonging Factor a must-have resource, no matter your title or position.


Whether you're running your own company, coaching a team or just have a passion for success because of people, not on the backs of them, the Belonging Factor is the book you need to inspire people, improve process and deliver profits.



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$10 from every sale is donated to animal rescue and welfare.


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"Belonging Factor is about so much more than strong company culture, or a brand that inspires the deepest customer loyalty. While it is certainly both of those, it also represents a dynamic shift in how diversity, equity, and inclusion are evolving in organizations. It is leading the way to the next frontier of culture as a wildly important profit driver."

 - Jennifer Brown, Best-Selling Author of Inclusion and How to Be an Inclusive Leader

THE digital toolkit


Once you've purchased Belonging Factor, you gain access to the included digital toolkit that supports the concepts and activities discussed in the book. This digital toolkit exists to help you digest and implement all that you learn from reading Belonging Factor. You should feel free to use the resources in the digital toolkit, with attribution to the book, to help educate your colleagues on important concepts featured throughout.


Access links to articles and research resources that informed and inspired the Belonging Factor.


Access customized worksheets that support the concepts and principles discussed in the book.


Access activities designed to challenge teams on their own privilege, assumptions and biases, to build a sense of belonging.


Access exercises and activities focused on self-reflection and accountability to the Belonging Factor.

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